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Japanese Auto Auction

Japanese Auto Auction
Japan Auto Auction is a method of selling used cars and other vehicles based on the auction bidding system. There are many auction halls in Japan that provide high quality Japanese second-hand cars at affordable prices.
We are the member of major auto auctions in Japan, such as USS Auction, ARAI Auction, TAA Auction, CAA, BCN, AUCNET, ASNET, JAA, I-AUC Auction, thus serve our clients with vehicles from major auto brands. Japan auto auctions are highly popular for purchasing of used vehicles. There are large numbers of auction houses located all over Japan. For those customers who want to buy from auctions directly, we even provide direct access to them into auctions for bidding, i.e. buyers can access car details online and make a quick decision for purchase.
When you decide to start bidding on cars from the auction, we ask you to place the deposit. The deposit is JPY 100,000- per car.
This deposit is refundable anytime before the bidding is succeeded.
Vehicle FOB Price Minimum Deposit
Under JPY 1,000,000 JPY 100,000
JPY 1,010,000~1,500,000 JPY 200,000
JPY 1,510,000~2,000,000 JPY 300,000
Above JPY 2,010,000 JPY 500,000

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We can buy any vehicle for you from all major Auction halls in Japan at BEST PRICES.

If you have any queries related to the Auction Membership and Charges, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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