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FAQ for Auction

Q. Why do buyers need to make a Deposit?
A. Your deposits are 100% Refundable. We require a deposit to ensure security on both the user and Rimi in order to confirm that there will be no last minute cancellations of bids or any fake/spam bid request.
In case the bid fails and we do not win the car, your deposit will be refunded or you can use the same deposit for your next bid.
Q. Is there a need for deposit to check vehicles in auction?
A. We grant you 100% Free Registration and access to Japanese car auctions. A deposit is required only at the point where you wish to bid on a vehicle. The deposit depends on the total price of the car(s) that you wish to bid for.
Q. How can I pay the deposit?
A. You can contact us for making the Deposit for Auction bidding. We will issue a specific invoice for the deposit to be paid.
Q. What are the payment conditions?
A. After a successful bid, please make full/agreed payment within 48 hours as per the invoice we will share with you. If payment is not made within 48 hours, the vehicle may be sold to another customer.
Q. What is Bid Price?
A. Bid price or "bid," is the highest amount a bidder/buyer is willing to pay at the auction for a particular vehicle.
Q. What if I can't find the vehicle I want to buy?
A. In the unlikely event that the vehicle you are looking for is not in the Auction please let us know your vehicle requirements and we will search the vehicle in the Japanese Market, other suppliers and other auction halls.
Q. How can I get the details of the cars and more photos?
A. For more vehicle details and photos of the required vehicles please contact us.
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